Abr 08

As I walked into the confession room I decided to thank him for saving my hide earlier on. I walked in and said the normal thing we all say when we walk in, then I heard his sweet voice which said “yes, yes, your forgiven just tell me what are your sins?”, well at that point I decided to joke a bit with him so I said father I have done a great sin I made a priest lie to cover up for me and I would like to thank him! I was late for a meal and decided to come and relax here in church. When I finished my “confession” he said “okay you forgiven and it was a pleasure and you must say 5 of each prayer.” as I was about to leave I heard a voice again and this time he said “By the way what is your name?” I said “my name is Zelia.” I left the confession room and went to pray I was the last one so shortly after I left he came out and walked to the back room “where I think they sit and talk?!”

That evening when we where having dinner the mother superior or like I say mother bitch asked to see me after dinner. When I finished my meal I went of to see her I was thinking that I was in shit again but honestly this time I could not imagine what it could be. Well I knocked on the door and when I walked in what a shock I got the priest was there also I looked at him and thought that the asshole had turned me in, well that should teach me not to trust these people, the mother superior said “well Zelia looks like father Dave needs a new assistant and asked if you would like the job? “well in my amazement I was shocked with the question and looked at him and said well it depends on what the job implies he looked at me and said with that sexy voice of hi “well you will have to try it to see if you like it first” I said “okay I will take it !!” the mother told me to leave and go to the study hall to finish my studies I left but I did not go straight to the study hall I waited at the door to listen to there conversation I managed to hear he tell him that she would not recommend me because I was a hard case and did not listen to anyone and he answered well I liked her and I think that she will like to work in the church with me. Well then the mother said that if I did anything wrong that she would not hold herself responsible and that it would be his entire fault!! They stopped talking and I heard some steps towards the door and started to walk away when I walked round the corner I started to run quietly so that they would not hear me and went to the study hall.

The next day with the sun shining bright and warm, early in the morning, well that day I was going to start my new job at the church with father Dave for the first time. I was early to my own amazement or he was late. Well I stood at the door of the church waiting patiently for him and started to mumble a tune then I saw him approaching I was shocked to see that he did not leave his priest outfit on that they wore like the skin on there bones but instead he had a tight black shirt that showed his muscular body parts and as he approached I pretended not to stare at his body by looking at my hands as if I was looking at something on my nails.

I looked up and said “hello father how are you today?” well he looked at me with a big smile and said “hello! I am fine thanks and how are you today?” I said the usual that everyone says fine thanks .as he directed himself to the church door to unlock it I stood still and watched him I had never seen a priest that was so good looking in all my dull life, I let him walk in front as I waited for him to be four or five feet away from me and then I started to walk in to “ this was the strategy that I used to look at men’s ass and I could not believe that I was doing this , as he walked past I also got a wiff of his aftershave and I could feel a tingling feeling inside of me like a bottle of fizz that had been shaken and that was ready to blow. I had never seen a priest that looked this good he walked down the corridor between the chairs and as I walked I stared at his ass, which was tight and in place like a statue of Michael Angelo the one of David. Well he turned around and looked at me and said “I am going to change clothes,” oohhh I thought can I help!! Then he said “so that you can stop staring at me.”


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Abr 08

Bem pessoal digam o que pensam se faz favor para saber se ta bom ou mau se gostam ou não.

okay people please tell me what you think if you like the stories or not .

okay pessoal esta historia é um pouco longa portanto dividi em partes e vou por por partes ate acabar.

okay this is a long story so i broke it up and will place a bit every day till it is finished.

Our father who is in heaven……I was in church again and the priest had told me to pray ten our fathers and five hail Mary’s well I was to pray for redemption I was having a hard time in concentrating on the prayers, after all what I had done was not that serious and even the priest said so. Well my name is Zelia and I am stuck in a convent a nun’s one, as you can imagine this place sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. I was sent hear for the correction of public miss conduct so they call it, I just call it a naked swim in the main square fountain. Well I am stuck here and there is nothing fun to do ever!

Today is another day and well guess what? I have to go to confession AGAIN what do they expect a lot of girls in one house who cant even fart with out being caught have to confess...well beats the shit out of me, I am actually quite curious to go today because I heard that there was a new priest and that he had a really nice “voice” well hopefully that is not the only thing hat he has nice. I am going earlier to try to get a glimpse of him before he goes into the little box ,I can look but I can’t touch “yet”, I will one day still fuck one of these virgin men “how can they live without sex? They must be mad!”

I was late for breakfast so I decided to go straight to church and pretend that I was not late for breakfast, but intentionally missed the meal to pray. What a load of shit but I hope that I would be able to trick them into believing it. As I walked into the chapel I intended to sit down and relax a bit before all that praying that I would have to do, I heard a voice that was like the angels singing a sweet tune to my ears “A mans voice” a new mans voice!! The blood ran through my veins and I started to feel a hot feeling come down from under my school clothes, a man I am free!! Then like a flash I realized it was the new pries and he said “Haa!! So you are the black sheep hear, the one that does not get ready in time and comes to the church to pretend that she missed breakfast on purpose.” “Well good luck, I don’t think the nuns will believe that story!”

I started to scan the room to know where the voice came from, and then I saw on top of the stage where the choir girls sing, him the man, that we all had heard about. the new priest, as I looked at him I said” yeah, that is me always trying to fool the nuns!! what else is there to do hear?!” he was a tall and elegant man, even though I would rather prefer to see him without the stupid white cloth that covers all the curves of his muscular body and that hides all the assets that I so much liked to have in me!!! He said once again “well come on up, lets talk a bit nothing to melodramatic, I can just barely handle all toughs confessions.”

Well as I walked to the choir stage I started to think that not only did he have a really sexy voice but also he actually seemed like a nice guy!

Well as I reached him he looked at me and said “yep! You really are the black sheep hear.” I laughed and said “I am here against my will” and he said “yes!! I can see that, you do know that if you behave then they will let you our faster.” Well I sat there and talked to him for a while, his name was Father Dave he was a really nice person and as he spoke I listened, it was nice to have someone to talk to and also know that he would never tell anyone .The bell went off again and he looked at me and said,” well hear come the nuns! again.” I started to walk of the stage, when suddenly in front of me was that huge bitch, mother Louise she was like a wart on your ass, that always annoys you when you move and then she started to go of on how I was irresponsible, selfish girl and that she would punish me and all that shit she always said when I did something wrong. Then to my amazement father Dave looked at her and said that I was helping him, in the church. That he had seen me walking outside towards the eating hall and that he had called out for me therefore I had missed my meal because I was helping him!! Not because I was late. Well that definitely shut her up she did not sound one more word on the subject. We did all the usual things singing praying and then confession; I knew that today’s confession would defiantly be different and actually fun.  

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Abr 08

It was 1980 and i am new in town, the strange thing about this town is that I feel as if I am at home. The people here are very friendly but I am sure that there is a dark side to all this and so I started to investigate this town. There are few bars and a lot of people, here the men are over whelming and the girls are very sexy. The one story I am going to tell you about is a true story that a girl called Rubi told me. At one of these bars she sat and spoke with a wondering expression she was 20 years old and had just left here boyfriend all because of this one winter night that touched her soul. she started her story as she walked home from a party near by her home, she described her dress it was a long black satin dress that sat on her body like a glove, it  was smooth and marked all the curves of her body, she could not wear any underwear for it was visible, she also had her black satin high heels and a long coat .She was walking to her house which was near the big and dark forest that was said to be haunted with ghosts and it was on the outskirts of this small town .As she walked a black car driven by a man drove past and stopped shortly after. It stopped and reversed the man inside was mysterious and asked if she would like a lift and she said sure why not ...so she climbed into the car and found that this man was a new man in town she had never seen him. He was overwhelmingly good looking and had the most amazing eyes that she had ever seen in her whole life. Well to her amazement he seemed just as interested in her as she did in him. They drove for a while till he asked her in a deep rough voice if she had ever been in the forest at night and she said no!! That it was haunted to her amazement he laughed and said I am not scared of ghosts are you? Let’s go there and walk around and see if there are really ghosts! Rubi agreed for ghosts don’t exist…they got out the car and slowly walked into the forest. As they walked the man place his hand on her black satin dress and gave her a shivering feeling that went down her spine. then he stopped her and slowly kissed her already moist lips, slid his hands down to her waist and pulled her closer he gently started to feel her breasts and kissing her neck then he turned her around and slowly pulled of her dress. once more he turned her around and examined her body in the moonlight her nipples where hard from the cold her skin white like snow and smooth like a feather by this time ruby started to feel that her body was going to explode if this stranger did not do anything with her, she has never wanted to have someone this much in her whole life. then as if the stranger was reading her mind he pulled her to the ground, which was covered with leaves and pines from the surrounding pine and oak trees, he slipped his hands between her legs feeling the humidity coming from there, then he opened her legs and with a leaf that lay on the humid forest floor he gently started to caress her he moved  the leaf up and down twirled it till she could not handle the pressure of this over whelming excitement, she grabbed the dirt on the ground as her body moved uncontrollably to the sensation of the leaf , then like a nuclear bomb she exploded she screamed of pleasure, moves to the leaf  and then she started to undo his pants. She could feel the excitement in him the hardness of his penis. The wild beast she had aroused in him, she placed her self on her knees and started to suck on the fruit of Adam simultaneously she caressed the fruit of Adam to make it grow stronger, more powerful he grabbed her hair and made her stay there until she managed to make him go to heaven and back, like a thunderstorm he came in her mouth and she was unable to stop this man for he made her go crazy like no other. Savagely he pulled her of and turned her around and then like a savage beast he was he climbed on her and dominated her. he grabbed her breasts as if handles to control her and forcefully pushed deeper and deeper, back and forward roughly to make sure she could feel him and know she could not escape him. He enters and leaves her powerfully and every time she could feel him take her, dominate her well enough to make her involuntarily sway with his body like the savage animals in the wild. She moaned and gowned like a beast being taken by force like a lion possessing his mate. Then once more e grabbed her and lay her on her back and with immense power thrust his penis in her she screamed and mooned in pleasure her air was faint as she screaming every time for more more!! harder harder!! and like an animal he did as she ordered, he pushed all he could, placed his rough fingers between her legs and caressed her even more than she ever thought he would be able to, she screamed and moaned in pure lustful pleasure till her voice faded away in the mist of the dark humid and haunted forest, slowly they calmed down after four hours and it was almost dawn. He stopped caressing her he stood up and slowly walked away naked like a wild animal that had just fed. As he walked she watched him, she was so tired she could hardly move and then suddenly like fog he vanished into thin air like a ghost from the past with no trace…


Months later she found a old news paper in the library with a title “missing in haunted forest” dated 1969 they put a small picture and she knew him… for this reason Rubi wonders the forest at nigh looking for the man that drove her crazy for one night .


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Abr 08

Ora tive todos estes dias depois da última carta a tentar por mais uma mas não dava para entrar a sapo deixa muito a desejar em poder de ligação mas enfim não vim reclamar disto mas sim das notícias parvas que li ..


Itália uma velha de 55 anos processo um gajo de 30 por olhar para ela ele faz 10 dias não cadeia e paga uma multa de 40 €


Nova Zelândia um puto atacou outro com um ouriço caixeiro (coitado do ouriço) vai para cadeia por assalto com uma “arma branca” (isto é o ouriço claro) e estão a pensar se deve ser processado por crueldade a animais pois o bichinho morreu


Inglaterra um gajo bêbado foi parar no camião do lixo pois encontra vá se a dormir dento de um balde do lixo quando a câmara foi lá apanhar o lixo (lugar estranho para dormir)


Estados unidos O mais estranho de todos foram tiradas 417 crianças ou seus pais que vivem numa comunidade poligamia (isto e casam com varias mulheres e vivem todos juntos) mas as filha eram obrigadas a casar com quem os mais velhos escolhiam e com uma idade muito nova tipo ela com12 e ele com 55 as vezes sobrinha com tio etc. enfim o problema foi quando perguntaram as crianças quem são os pais foi de tal forma confuso que agora optaram por testes de ADN para perceberem tudo e os cruzamentos familiares geneticamente mãe com filho, tio com sobrinha, avó com neto etc. e claro que escolhe com quem casam são os homens com 15 anos começam a casar primeiro é escolhido para eles depois de serem velhos escolhem por conta própria hmmm


Ora com tanta noticia bizzara lemos mais em baixo membros da tribo Masaai vem correr na maratona de Londres para angariar dinheiro para instalar um sistema de agua potável para a aldeia deles em africa maioria das crianças não vivem ate aos 5 anos por causa de aguas contaminadas (isto sim é uma coisa boa).


Seguidamente vem a história de uma cabeça e mãos que foram encontradas numa praia na Escócia pelas próprias irmãs pequenas da vítima (fogo coitadas das miúdas) que agora vão fazer um funeral em homenagem a irmã mais velha antes de serem devolvidas ao pais de origem onde esta o resto da família


Ora com tanta coisa linda a sair nas noticias e jornais (só violência e barbaridades) pergunto me porque é que não se da também noticias boas como actos positivos, coisas interessantes mas positivas. será que o ser humano é tão macabro que só gosta de coisas más? será que ninguém gostaria de saber sobre aquela menina que salvou a avó de ser atropelada? ou que o pitbull da vizinha salvou a vida de um miúdo? ou que descobriu se que se pode ajudar a mãe natureza plantando esta arvore aqui e aquela ali? será pedir muito por noticias boas? em vez de noticias ma a toda hora. Se não sabem o que escrever é só olhar em volta samos muitos a fazer coisas boas também e gostaríamos de ser visto por isso e não por fazermos algo mau.


Esta na hora de incentivar o mundo a actos positivos e isso só se faz se mostrarmos coisas boas nas notícias e falarem delas a todos.

Desculpem o meu desabafo mas vejo todos a minha volta carga dos de energias negativas porque a vida é difícil ou algo correu mal e não há nada vindo dos governos para tornar essa energia negativa em positiva É SEMPRE BOM RECEBER NOTICIAS BOAS CERTO!!

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Abr 08

Fui a um site de fantasmas e fiquei inspirada para contar uma história deles na altura que era criança primeiro vou contar um pouco sobre a minha família para perceberam porque eu sei que existem não vou muito longe só ate a minha bis avo.


A minha bisa avo que eu nunca conheci nem o nome sei, só sei o que me contaram sobre ela pois ela era cigana filha de “rei”, uma de muitas de certeza. Ela conheceu o meu bisavô que não era cigano e como já sabemos isso não pode dar certo, mas mesmo assim eles apaixonaram se e decidiram casar, apesar das contestações das duas famílias a da minha avó porque ia ser fora do clã e com uma pessoa abaixo dela e por isso foi expulsa, apedrejada e agredida pelos familiares e o meu bisavô porque vinha de uma família com estatuto e dinheiro. Bem a ele disseram para nunca a trazer a publico nem eventos da família porque era uma vergonha.


A minha bisavó como todas as mulheres da família tinha “poderes” como se diz via pessoas que já cá não estavam e dizia o futuro e ela era muito concreta no que dizia. Quando a minha avó chegou a maturidade ela disse a minha avó que ela ia casar com um homem bom de coração, que a ia amar muito, e que ia ser chamado António que eles depois iam ter dois filhos, rapazes a um desses filhos ia ter três filhos duas filhas e um filho e a segunda filha deve ser chamada Graça.

Passado pouco tempo a minha bisavó entrou numa depressão profunda (que naquela altura não era doença) tinha uma família grande 7 filhos, um marido assim-assim e estava sozinha pois sentia falta do clã e do convívio porque o meu bisavô fez o que a família mandou, nunca levou a minha bisavó a conhecer o resto da família, nem a eventos da família dele. Ela não era bem vinda então passava muito tempo sozinha em casa, sem companhia, nem amigos, ela não aguento mais e suicidou se aos 27 anos.


A minha avó tinha por volta de 13 anos na altura sendo ela a mais nova e nunca se esqueceu do que a mãe lhe contou. Passado largos anos nasceu a segunda filha de um dos filhos (dela a minha avó..) EUZINHA pois fiquei com o nome que a minha bisavó me deu Graça porque todos acharam que estava certo assim. Também entre as mulheres todas nos ficamos com o poder dela de ver o futuro, os mortos, sentir perigo alguns mais fortes que outros e também todas temos um sinal no corpo no mesmo lugar como ela.


Passado longos anos depois de eu crescer no estrangeiro vim para Portugal e cá conheci a minha família toda e também foi quando eu conheci esta história. Tinha 16 anos nem nunca sobe da minha bisavó, quem era, o que fazia ou como morreu. Um dia fui a piscina e a minha mãe chamou me para conhecer a minha tia-avó, quando eu entrei ela olhou para mim e desmaiou. Só depois é que ela me contou que eu sou a cara chapada, feitio e estilo da minha bisavó a mãe dela! Eu não acreditei! E decidi perguntar a quem poderia conhecer a minha bisavó se era verdade e todos diziam que sim era igualzinha. Coisas simples como a maneira de amarrar o cabelo era igual, como comia o que gostava de comer mesmo assim eu não fiava muito pois eram todos muito velhos um pouco confusos etc. isto é ate ao dia que a minha avó me deu a foto dela a minha (bisavó) para eu ver. Ai vi que era igualzinha a ela. Ate se podia dizer que era eu se não fosse pela roupa.


Passando mais uns anos ai uns 3 e eu já vivia no Algarve e estava a trabalhar numa loja de tralhas quando entrou uma onda de ciganos (para roubar claro). Quando elas entraram entrou uma velha, muito velhinha que olhou para mim e começou a gritar como uma maluca. Elas todas agarraram a mulher e foram embora a correr. Passado uns dias ela a cigana velha que o nome escapa me a memoria agora voltou com mais umas velhas e ficaram especadas a olhar para mim ate que uma perguntou se eu tinha família cigana, e eu disse que tinha a minha bisavó que já morreu. E elas perguntaram se ela tinha morrido com 27 anos em Lisboa por suicídio, mais exacto se saltou de uma janela na zona da baixa em Lisboa. Eu disse que sim era isso mesmo a velhinha do dia anterior começou a chorar e veio abraçarem e disse “Eu era a melhor amiga da tua bisavó! Fiquei muito triste quando ela deixou o clã. Mas mais ainda porque matou se, mas agora já vi que ela voltou. És tu…”eu fiquei de boca aberta nunca pensei que isto pode se acontecer.

Fiquei feliz pela velhinha mas infelizmente morreu pouco depois, as outras ciganas velhinhas vaiaram me contar a loja que ela tinha falecido.

Eu fiz com elas luto mas só uns dias, acho que por respeito a ela que já era muito idosa e amiga da minha bisavó.


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Abr 08


Um teste que achei interessante fazer vamos lá ver quem é mulher e devia ser homem e vise versa!!  lol



Homens:                                                Mulheres:

Cada resposta                                        Cada resposta         

a)Conte 10 pontos                                 a)Conte 15 pontos

b)Conte 5 pontos                                   b)Conte 5 pontos

c)Menos 5 pontos                                  c)Menos 5 pontos

As perguntas sem resposta contam 5 pontos



De que sexo é o seu cérebro?

1.Ao ouvir um miado indistinto e sem olhar a sua volta consegue localizar o gato?

a) Pensando um pouco, aponta para o lugar onde ele esta

b) Aponta logo o lugar

c) Não sabe se consegue


2.Ate que ponto consegue lembrar se de uma canção que ouviu?

a) Acha-a simples e consegue entoar metade da melodia

b) Só consegue canta-la se for simples e ritmada

c) Acha-a difícil


3.Uma pessoa que encontrou apenas meia dúzia de vezes telefona lhe. Consegue reconhecer lhe a voz nos poucos segundos antes de ela se identificar

a) Com muita facilidade

b) Reconheço a voz pelo menos metade das vezes

c) Reconheço a voz menos metade das vezes


4.Esta com um grupo de amigos casados. Dois deles tem um caso descobre logo isso?

a)Quase sempre

b)Metade das vezes



5.fui apresentado/a a cinco pessoas desconhecidas numa grande reunião social. Se os seus nomes forem mencionados no dia seguinte, consegue lembrar se dos rostos?

a)Lembra-se da maior parte deles

b)Apenas se lembra de alguns

c)Raramente se lembra de algum


6. Nos seus primeiros tempos de escola, tinha facilidade em soletrar e em fazer redacções?

a)Facilidade em fazer ambas as coisas

b)Só numa

c)Em nenhuma


7. Descobre um lugar para estacionar, mas tem de fazer marcha-atrás e o lugar é muito apertado:

a)Procura outro lugar

b)Faz marcha-atrás com muito cuidado

c)Faz marcha-atrás sem pensar muito


8.ao fim de três dias numa aldeia desconhecida, alguém lhe pergunta para que lado fica o norte:

a)Não faz a mínima ideia

b)Não tem a certeza, mas se pensar um pouco consegue acertar

c)Aponta logo para norte


9.esta na sala de espera do dentista. A que distancia consegue sentar se doutra pessoa do mesmo sexo sem se sentir pouco a vontade?

a)A menos de 15 cm

b)De 15 a 60 cm

c)A mais de 60 cm

10.vai visitar o seu novo vizinho e estão os dois a conversar: ouve se uma torneira a pingar:

a)Repara logo no som da agua a pingar e tenta ignora-lo

b)É provável que fale no assunto

c)Não se incomoda nada


A maior parte dos homens obterá um resultado entre 0 e 60

A maior parte dos homens obterá um resultado entre 50 e 100

A parte sobre posta 50 a 60 indica uma grande compatibilidade de pensamentos entre os sexos

Um total abaixo de 0 para os homens e acima de 100 para as mulheres aponta para o cérebro “sintonizado”de uma forma muito diferente da do sexo oposto.

Um total acima de 60 pontos para os homens pode mostrar uma tendência para atributos mentais femininos. Por outro lado, menos de 50 pontos para a mulher pode significar uma tendência para os processos mentais masculinos.

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Abr 08

Para quê ter olhos azuis, se a Natureza deixa os meus vermelhos?"
Bob Marley


Nope não é a natureza é só a droga meu!!

"Estou louca para ir a Nova Iorque. Sempre quis conhecer a
Europa..." Carla Perez (loira do Tchan)


"Adoro Beethoven, principalmente os poemas."
Ringo Star


 Aaa pois sim muito culto poemas Beethoven hmmm!!

"Sempre que vejo TV e aparecem aquelas crianças a morrer de fome,
não consigo evitar chorar. Quer dizer, adorava ser assim magra, mas
sem aquelas moscas, mortes e essas coisas..."
Mariah Carey


Pois não se pode ter tudo, já tem voz era demais de tivesse cérebro

"Fumar mata. Quando se morre, perde-se uma parte muito importante da
Brooke Shields


Memoria falha mas acho que é loira.. pois linda sem a vida não há nada xii

"Estar vivo é o contrário de estar morto."
Lili Caneças


Afinal ser loira não é tão mau esta chegou a um ponto daaaaa

"Minha vida deu uma volta de 360 graus"
Adriane Galisteu


Okay para quem não sabe em geral uma volta ou circulo tem 360ºisto é se fixar um ponto e andar a volta ate chegar ao ponto de partida outra vez hmmm

"Os sete artistas compõem um trio de talento."
Manuela Moura Guedes


Manuela espero que tu estavas bêbeda ou pedrada quando disseste isto porque trio são 3 e não 7

"A nova terapia traz esperanças a todos os que morrem de cancro a
cada ano."
Manuela Moura Guedes

 Claro que sim depois de morrer é que é importante saber (como ficam a saber não sei) que há uma nova terapia pois pois!!

"Um morreu e o outro está morto."
Manuela Moura Guedes


Okay isto já é demais será que ela é na realidade loira!?

"O assassino matou 30 mortos."
Rodapé do Telejornal da SIC

Okay quem foi o parvo que escreveu isto de certeza que era de outro pais só pode…

"Foi assassinado, mas não se sabe se está morto."

Jornalista da TVI

assassinado = morto meu deus e são estes pobres que nos informam das noticias do mundo hmm agora já sei porque é que o jornal começa com a bola…

"Estão zero graus negativos."
Jornalista da TVI


Zero é um número neutro nem negativo nem positivo esta no meio…fogo é preciso fazer ao menos a 4 classe para se saber isso … será que eles estudam ou são como o socinhas


"A grande maioria das nossas importações vem de fora do país."
George W. Bush

Sempre sobe que este gajo era cá um grande crânio será que sabe outras coisas como comer com a sua própria mão e que Portugal é um pais e que leite vem de vacas e não o pacote xiii que exemplo de liderança (FALHADA) para o mundo

"Vejam como Paulinho Santos não deixa Sá Pinto penetrar!"
Gabriel Alves  

O que diz lá isso outra vez!!!lol há há há

"Juskowiak tem a vantagem de ter duas pernas!"
Gabriel Alves

coitado do outro deve só ter uma lol

"Lá vai Paneira no seu estilo inconfundível...(pausa)... mas não, é
Gabriel Alves

Lá vai o gajo de uma perna pausa opps trocamos era afinal o outro de três pernas o andar confunde o pessoal

"A China é um país muito grande, habitado por muitos chineses..."
Charles de Gaulle


Só podia ser francês para fazer uma declaração destas ou então podia ser loira…

"O meu coração só tem uma cor: azul e branco."
João Pinto (jogador do FCP)

deves estar doente não sei se já te disseram João mas devia ser vermelho·

"Inácio fechou os olhos e olhou para o céu!"
Nuno Luz (SIC


Como é que ele fez isso eu também quero fazer o mesmo v ala partilha esse segredo

"Quem corre agora é o Fonseca, mas está parado."
Jorge Perestrelo


O que ele esta a correr ou esta parado estou confudida já !?

"Nós somos humanos como as pessoas."
Nuno Gomes (SLB)


Tens a certeza disso acho k alguns são mesmo animais lol

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sinto-me: intelectual

Abr 08

Não recomendado para mentes sensíveis, Not recommended for sensitive people to read


Umas refeicoes de que eu não queria nem quero fazer parte xxxii

A few dinners i would not like to be at or to take parte in


Homem matou, cozeu e comeu partes do corpo da namorada

Um norte-americano de 25 anos matou a namorada, cortou partes do seu corpo aos bocados, estufou-os e comeu. O caso está a horrorizar os habitantes de Tyler, a cerca de 160 quilómetros de Dallas, no Texas.

No passado dia 6, em Tyler, no Texas, quando um polícia norte-americano atendeu uma chamada para o 911, a extensão das urgências nos EUA, não acreditou no que estava a ouvir. Uma história digna de Hollywood, contada pelo próprio protagonista. Um homem de 25 anos, Christopher Lee McCuin, 25 anos, confessou que matara a namorada de 21 anos, cortara partes do cadáver e estava, naquele exacto momento,  a pôr os bocados  de carne a estufar num tacho, que tinha a intenção de comer.  Pelo sim, pelo não, os agentes de plantão decidiram investigar. O certo é que, quando as autoridades chegaram ao endereço indicado - a casa da mãe do criminoso - viram uma cena dantesca. Ou seja,  encontraram o corpo de Jana Shearer mutilado,  tendo comprovado que o criminoso estava, de facto, a cozer partes do corpo da namorada. Segundo relatou o comissário J.B.Smith à agência Associated Press, o tacho ainda estava ao lume, a ferver... Os polícias viram, ainda,  sobre a mesa, um prato com suculentos pedaços de carne humana espetados num garfo...Christopher McCuin,  que alegou ter assassinado a namorada por "ordens de Deus", assegurou que estava a comer a carne, porém "a polícia não tem provas de que o o fez", disse o comissário Smith.  As autoridades acreditam que McCuin sequestrou e assassinou a namorada na sexta-feira, dia 5, tendo transportado o cadáver numa carrinha, para a casa da sua mãe. De acordo com o relatório da polícia, antes de telefonar para as urgências, o rapaz chamou a mãe para ver o cadáver na garagem. Horrorizada e pensando tratar-se de um assalto, esta dirigiu-se à esquadra mais próxima. Entretanto, Christopher telefonou para o 911.A morte da rapariga, por traumatismo craniano, e a mutilação do seu cadáver não são os únicos crimes pelos quais o canibal de Tyler vai responder em tribunal. Ainda segundo a polícia,   depois de matar a namorada e deixar o cadáver na garagem, o psicopata dirigiu-se para a casa da sua ex-mulher, onde encontrou o namorado desta, esfaqueando-o. Quando a polícia chegou, McCuin ainda estava na casa da ex-mulher,  mas acabou por conseguir escapar, e esteve a monte até ao dia seguinte, quando regressou à casa da sua mãe e alertou o 911.  William Veasley, 42 anos, o namorado da ex-mulher do canibal,  foi transferido para o hospital, onde ainda se encontra em estado crítico.


O acto de comer carne humana - ritual praticado por culturas ancestrais e durante o período de extrema escassez - pode também representar a concretização de fantasias sexuais sádicas, associado a indivíduos de alguma forma deslocados na sociedade e quase sempre portadores de transtornos psíquicos, afirma a médica Nahlah Saimed, especialista em medicina legal, directora do Centro de Psiquiatria Forense da Vestfália, Alemanha.

Alguns dos homicídios mais famosos da história estão associados ao canibalismo patológico. Um dos casos mais antigos remonta ao século XVIII. Paulo Reisinger, que assassinou seis mulheres entre 1779 e 1786, comeu-lhes o coração. Estava convencido de que se comesse o coração - ainda a bater - das vítimas, obtinha sorte no jogo e o dom de se tornar invisível.

Outro caso famoso é o do japonês Issei Sagawa,, que em 1981, em França, matou e comeu a sua professora de alemão, a holandesa Renée Hartevelt, de 25 anos. A polícia ainda encontrou pedaços do corpo, cuidadosamente embrulhados, no seu frigorífico. O assassino, então com 33 anos e estudante de Literatura, tinha um fetiche por mulheres loiras, tendo feito um relato escrito do acto de canibalismo: "Corto o seu corpo e levo a carne assada à boca (...)", admitindo ter praticado sexo com o cadáver mutilado.

Sagawa foi internado numa clínica psiquiátrica francesa, onde foi diagnosticado como "psicótico intratável". Em 1985, graças às pressões do pai, um rico empresário japonês, acabou por ter alta, tendo regressado ao Japão onde, ainda hoje, é considerado uma espécie de ídolo pop bizarro.O mais recente caso de canibalismo patológico conhecido é o do alemão Armin Wives, 'O Canibal de Rotenburg', que em 2006 foi condenado a prisão perpétua por um tribunal de Frankfurt por ter assassinado, esquartejado e comido parcialmente outro homem. Nascido em 1962, Weives, que se tornou conhecido também como 'Der Metzgermeister' (O Talhante Mestre), era um usuário da Internet.O crime remonta a Março de 2001, tendo tido o acordo da própria vítima, Bernd Jurgen Brandes, que leu um anúncio divulgado pelo assassino na Internet. O homicídio foi praticado na casa de Armin Wives, local marcado para o encontro, onde o assassino começou por amputar o pénis de Brandes, como haviam combinado previamente.A ideia era os dois comerem o órgão sexual da vítima, depois de temperado e frito (não se tem a certeza se a vítima comeu a sua parte, embora o assassino assegure que ele o fez). Em seguida, após Brandes desfalecer, Wives esquartejou-o, enterrou parte do corpo no jardim, e pôs o resto no freezer, de onde foi retirando a carne que iria comer nos meses seguintes. Armin Weives somente veio a ser detido em Dezembro de 2002, quando um estudante austríaco alertou a polícia para um anúncio na Internet, posto por Wives, que mais uma vez solicitava um candidato para ser morto e comido. Os médicos que o examinaram deduziram que o assassino sofre de uma grave perturbação mental incurável, e é um perigo para a sociedade.

Nas buscas, as autoridades ainda encontraram pedaços de carne e ossos congelados, pertencentes a Brandes, bem como o macabro
vídeo feito por Armin Wives, que mostra o assassino a matar, a desmembrar e a comer Brandes. Segundo a imprensa alemã, o assassino terá dito à polícia que Brandes estava "obcecado" com a ideia de ser devorado vivo, desde que viu o filme 'O Silêncio dos Inocentes', de 1988, cujo personagem principal, o canibal Hannibal Lecter, é interpretado pelo actor Anthony Hopkins.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is a convicted child predator that is in prison after repeatedly molesting, torturing, and attempting to murder children. He was also suspected of murdering a child then disposing of the body through cannibalistic ways that involved his unsuspecting neighbours.

Richard Chase savagely murdered six people, but one has to wonder if others shared some of the blame. His parents and health officials considered him stable enough to live without supervision, in spite of the fact he displayed severe abnormal behaviour from an early age. By the age of 10, Chase displayed three known warning signs of children who grow to become serial killers - bed-wetting beyond the normal age, cruelty to animals and setting fires.

Teenage Years:
According to published reports, Chase's mental disorders intensified during his teenage years. He became a drug user and regularly exhibited symptoms of delusional thinking. He managed to maintain a small social life, however his relationships with women would not last long. This was because of his bizarre behaviour and because he was impotent. The later problem obsessed him and he voluntarily sought help from a psychiatrist. The doctor was unable to help him however and noted his problems were a result of his severe mental disorders.
After turning 18, Chase moved out from his parent's home and in with roommates. His roommates, bothered by his heavy drug use and wild behaviour, asked him to leave. After Chase refused to move out, the roommates left and he was forced to move back in with his mother. This lasted until he became co

A Search for Help:
Isolated, Chase's obsession with his health and bodily functions heightened. He suffered from constant paranoid episodes and would often end up at the hospital emergency room in search for help. His list of ailments included complaints that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery, that his stomach was backwards and that his heart had stopped beating. He was diagnosed as being a paranoid schizophrenic and spent a short time under psychiatric observation, but soon released. Unable to find help from doctors, yet still convinced that his heart was shrinking, Chase felt he had found the cure. He would kill and disembowel small animals and eat the various parts of the animals raw. However, in 1975, Chase suffering from blood poisoning after injecting the blood of a rabbit into his veins, was involuntarily hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia or Drug-Induced Psychosis?:
Doctors treated Chase with the usual drugs used for schizophrenia with little success. This convinced doctors that his illness was from his heavy drug use and not schizophrenia. Regardless, his psychosis remained intact and after he was found with two dead birds with their heads cut off and blood sucked out, he was moved to a hospital for the criminally insane. Incredibly, by 1976 his doctors decided he was no longer a threat to society and released him under the care of his parents. Even more incredibly, his mother made the decision that Chase no longer needed the anti schizophrenia medications prescribed and stopped giving him the pills. She also helped him find an apartment, paid his rent and bought his groceries. Left unchecked and without medication, Chase's mental disorders escalated from the need for animal organs and blood, to human organs and blood.

First Murder:
December 29, 1977 - Chase killed 51-year-old Ambrose Griffin in a drive-by shooting. Griffin was helping his wife bring groceries into the house when he was shot and killed. Random Violent Acts:
January 11, 1978 - Chase attacked a neighbour after he asked for a cigarette then restrained her until she turned over the entire pack. Two weeks later, he broke into a house, robbed it then urinated inside a drawer containing infant clothing and defecated on the bed in a child's room. Interrupted by the owners return, Chase was attacked but managed to escape.

Unlocked Doors:
Chase continued to search for unlocked doors of homes to enter. He believed a locked door was a sign that he was not wanted, however an unlocked door was an invitation to enter.

Second Murder:
January 23, 1978 - Teresa Wallin, pregnant and at home alone, was taking out the garbage when Chase entered through her unlocked front door. Using the same gun he used to kill Griffin, he shot Teresa three times, killing her, then raped her corpse while stabbing her several times with a butcher knife. He then removed multiple organs, cut off one of the nipples and drank the blood. Before leaving, he collected dog feces from the yard and stuffed it into the victim's mouth and down her throat. Final Murders:
January 27, 1978 - The bodies of Evelyn Miroth, age 38, her six-year-old son Jason, and friend Dan Meredith, were found murdered inside Evelyn's home. Missing was Evelyn's 22-month-old nephew David, who she had been baby sitting. The crime scene was horrific. Dan Meredith's body was found in the hallway. He was killed with a direct gunshot would to his head. Evelyn and Jason were found in Evelyn's bedroom. Jason had been shot twice in the head.
The depth of Chase's insanity was clear when investigators went over the crime scene. Evelyn's corpse had been raped and sodomized multiple times. Her stomach had been cut open and various organs were removed. Her throat was cut and she had been sodomized with a knife and there was a failed attempt to remove one of her eyeballs. Not found at the murder scene was the infant, David. However, blood in the baby's crib gave police little hope the child was still alive. Chase later told police that he brought the dead infant to his apartment. After mutilating the baby's body he disposed of the corpse at a nearby church, which is where it was later found. What he did leave at the grotesque murder scene were clear hand and shoe prints, which soon led police to his door and to the end of Chase's insane rampage.

The End Result:
In 1979, a jury found Chase guilty on six counts of first-degree murder and he was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. Disturbed by the gruesome details of his crimes, other prisoners wanted him gone and often tried to talk him into killing himself. Whether it was the constant suggestions or just his own tortured mind, Chase managed to collect enough prescribed antidepressants to kill himself. On December 26, 1980, prison officials discovered him dead in his cell from an overdose of medications. Convinced she was trying to poison him and Chase was moved to an apartment paid for by his father.

Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for a series of gruesome murders of 17 young men from 1988 until he was caught on July 22, 1991, in Milwaukee.

Dahmer's Childhood Years

Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. From all accounts Dahmer was a happy child who enjoyed typical toddler activities. It was not until the age of six, after undergoing hernia surgery that his personality began to change from a jubilant social child to a loner who was uncommunicative and withdrawn. His facial expressions transformed from childhood smiles to a motionless blank stare, a look which remained with him throughout his life.

Pre-Teen Years

In 1966, the Dahmers moved to Bath, Ohio. Dahmer's insecurities grew after the move and his shyness kept him from having many friends.While his peers were busy listening to the latest songs, Dahmer was busy collecting road kill and stripping the animal carcasses and saving the bones. Other idle time was spent alone, buried deep inside his fantasies. His non confrontational attitude with his parents was considered an attribute yet in reality it was his apathy towards the real world that made him appear obedient.

Disturbing High School Years

Dahmer continued being a loner during his years at Revere High School. He had average grades, worked on the school newspaper and developed a bad drinking problem. His parents, possibly distracted from their own struggles, divorced when Jeff was almost 18. He remained living with his father who travelled a lot and was busy nurturing a relationship with his new wife. After high school Dahmer enrolled at the Ohio State University and spent most of his time skipping classes and getting drunk. After two semesters he dropped out and returned home. His father issued him an ultimatum - get a job or join the Army. In 1979 he enlisted for six years into the Army, but his drinking continued and in 1981, after serving only two years, he was discharged because of his drunken behaviour.

First Kill

Unknown to anyone, Jeffery Dahmer was mentally disintegrating. In June of 1988, he was struggling with his own homosexual desires, mixed with his need to act out his sadistic fantasies. Perhaps this struggle is what pushed him to pick up a hitchhiker, 19-year-old Steven Hicks. He invited Hicks to his father's home and the two drank and engaged in sex, but when Hicks was ready to leave Dahmer bashed him in the head with a barbell and killed him. He then cut up the body, placing the parts in garbage bags, which he buried in the woods surrounding his father's property. Years later he returned and dug up the bags and crushed the bones and disbursed the remains around the woods. As insane as he had become, he had not lost site of the need to cover his murderous tracks. Later his explanation for killing Hicks was simply, he didn't want him to leave.

Prison Time

Dahmer spent the next six years living with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. He continued drinking heavily and stayed in trouble with the police. In August 1982, he was arrested after exposing himself at a state fair. In September 1986, he was arrested and charged with public exposure after masturbating in public. He served 10 months in jail, but was arrested soon after his release after sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy in Milwaukee. He was given five-years probation after convincing the judge that he needed therapy. His father, unable to understand what was happening to his son, continued to stand by him, making certain he had good legal council. He also began to accept that there was little he could do to help the demons which seemed to rule Dahmer's behaviour. He realized that his son was missing a most basic human element - a conscience.

Murder Spree

In September 1987, while on probation on the molestation charges, Dahmer met 26-year-old Steven Toumi and the two spent the night drinking heavily and cruising gay bars then went to a hotel room. When Dahmer awoke from his drunken stupor he found Toumi dead. Dahmer put Toumi's body into a suitcase which he took to his grandmother's basement. There he discarded the body in the garbage after dismembering it, but not before gratifying his sexual necrophilia desires.

Passive Sex

Unlike most serial killers, who kill then move on to find another victim, Dahmer's fantasies included a series of crimes against the corpse of his victims, or what he referred to as passive sex. This became part of his regular pattern and possibly the one obsession that pushed him to kill.

On His Own

Killing his victims in his grandmother's basement was becoming increasingly difficult to hide. He was working as a mixer at Ambrosia Chocolate Factory and could afford a small apartment, so in September 1988; he got a one bedroom apartment on North 24th St. in Milwaukee.

Dahmer's Ritual

Dahmer's killing spree continued and for most of his victims the scene was the same. He would meet them at a gay bar or mall and entice them with free alcohol and money if they agreed to pose for photographs. Once alone, he would drug them, sometimes torture them and then kill them usually by strangulation. He would then masturbate over the corpse or have sex with the corpse, cut the body up and get rid of the remains. He also kept parts of the bodies including the skulls, which he would clean much like he did with his childhood road kill collection and often refrigerated organs which he would on occasion eat.


The Gein Family: Ed Gein, his older brother Henry, his father George and mother Augusta, lived together on their 160-acre farm a few miles outside Plainfield, Wisconsin. George was an alcoholic and Augusta was a demanding, over-bearing woman who had full control over her boys. From as far back as Ed could remember, Augusta was either delegating farm work for the boys to perform, or quoting the gospel. She tried hard to teach Ed and Henry about sin, especially about the evils of sex and women.

Living Alone: In 1940 George died as a result of his alcoholism. Four years later Henry died while fighting a fire. Ed was now fully responsible for the welfare of his domineering mother. For two years he tended to her demands until her death in 1945. Ed, now alone, sealed off all but one room and the kitchen of the large farmhouse. He no longer worked the farm after the government began paying him as part of a soil conservation program. Doing local handyman jobs subsidize his income.

Fantasy of Sex and Dismemberment: Gein stayed to himself. No one knew that he spent hours obsessed with sexual fantasy and reading about the female anatomy. The human experiments performed in Nazi camps also fascinated him. His mind filled with images of sex and dismemberment and as the mental images merged into one, Ed would reach gratification. Gus, another loner, was a long-time friend Gein's. Gein told Gus of experiments he wanted to perform but he needed bodies. Together the two began robbing graves for the needed bodies.

Transformations: This same scenario went on for more than 10 years. This included removing Gein's mother from her grave. The experiments with the corpses became more gruesome and bizarre over time and included necrophilia and cannibalism. Gein's obsessive fantasies centralize on his over-powering desire to turn himself into a woman. He would construct items out of the skin of the body that he could then drape on himself such as a female mask and breasts. He even made a complete body-sized female-like jumpsuit.

Mary Hogan: Gein's needs escallated into believing to perfect his desired sex change he would need fresher bodies. On December 8, 1954, Gein, now age 48, killed Mary Hogan, owner of a local tavern. The police were unable to solve the strange disappearance of Mary Hogan, but with the blood found at the tavern, they knew she was most likely a victim of foul play. Gus was not involved in the murder. He was institutionalized before the killing began. Only Gein knew for sure how many he women he killed.

Bernice Worden: On November 16, 1957, Gein entered the hardware store owned by Bernice Worden. Gein had been to this same store hundreds of times and Bernice had no reason to fear him. She likely thought nothing when Gein removed a .22 rifle from the display rack although her instincts probably sharpened if she saw him insert his own bullet into the rifle. Gein shot the rifle and killed Bernice, placed her body into the store's truck, returned to get the cash register, then drove the store truck to his home.

The Worden Investigation Begins: An investigation to the whereabouts of Bernice Worden began after her son Frank, a deputy sheriff, returned late in the afternoon from an early morning hunting trip and discovered his mother was missing and blood was on the floor of the store. A review of the store receipts included the purchase of a half of gallon of antifreeze.

Gein Becomes A Suspect: Worden thought about any suspicious activity that he could recall, and one thing came to mind. He remembered that Gein had been in and out of the store the previous week and also at closing time the night before. He remembered Gein saying he'd be back in the morning for antifreeze and that Gein questioned Worden about going hunting the next day. Although Gein had never been involved in any known criminal activity, the sheriff felt it was time to pay the odd loner a visit.

Unfathomable Crimes Uncovered: Gein was located by police at a store near his home. Police then went to Gein's farmhouse in hopes of finding Bernice Worden. The shed was the first area searched. Working in the dark of the night, Officer Schley lit a torch and slowly swung it around the shed. Inside was a woman's naked corpse hanging upside down, the body disembowelled, and the throat and head missing. It was the body of Bernice Worden. Next came the search of Gein's house. The police officers waded through piles of garbage and an unfathomable amount of junk with only oil lamps to guide them. As the officers eyes adjusted, the junk began to take a recognizable form, one that was more horrific than anyone could have ever imagined. Everywhere they looked they saw various body parts, some used as household items such as skulls made into bowls, jewellery made from human skin, lips hanging, chair seats with human skin upholstery, facial skin that was well preserved and resembled masks, a box of vulva's among which was his mothers, painted silver.

It was later determined that the body parts came from 15 different women although some parts could never be identified. One of the most shocking items found was that of fellow officer Worden's mother's heart - found in a pan on the stove. The lives of the police officers who walked through the house of horrors on that February night undoubtedly changed forever. Gein was committed to the Waupan State Hospital for the duration of his life. It was revealed that his reasons for killing older women stemmed from his love-hate feelings for his mother. He never admitted to his cannibalistic or netrophilliac activities. At the age of 78, Gein died of cancer and his remains were buried in his family plot in Plainfield.

The property eluded evil and horrific memories for the people of Plainfield and eventually it was torched by citizens.

Agora um aviso cuidado com o que comes pode ser a vizinha!!!

Now a warning be careful with what you eat it could be your neighbour!!!

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Abr 08

Olá gente

Bem ontem foi um belo dia de verão por cá. Achei o dia um espectáculo que decidi não por os putos a dormir a sesta então fomos dar uma voltinha melhor sendo uma voltona.

Ora saímos de casa depois do almoço e fomos ver todas as lojas chinesas da zona. Andamos um bom bocado mais ou menos 2 horas quando vi um sinal a dizer 1300mt do supermercado pois fiz os cálculos e já tínhamos andado pelo menos 3500 mt( portanto 3km e meio) e ainda faltava chegar a casa. Os putos estavam tão contentes que se fartaram de correr saltar ect fomos a uma praia escondida que é um espanto e voltamos para casa onde passamos uma obra.. ora areia… putos imaginem eles ficaram tão contentes de poder subir, rolar, sujarem se a eles e  a roupa ect riam ate soluçavam de rir. As pessoas que passavam só olhavam os putos a sujarem se passou um casal tuginha com dois filhos e uma filha coitados eles viram os meus a sujarem se todos e a brincar a rir ect que foram a correr para se juntarem, nunca tinha visto crianças a voar, os pais arrancaram os pobrezinhos de lá pelos braços e aos berros vais te sujar já tens 4 anos não tens idade para isto..(?) E tu és uma menina comporta te como tal bla bla estava um velho parado que só dizia “são crianças.” Eu respondi pois são, são crianças e elas tem que brincar e se sujar eu fiz isto quando era pequena e diverti-me muito e nem por isso morri ..No total a nossa voltinha foi uns 4 km muito fixe os putos gostaram bue. Quando chegaram a casa tomaram banho e disseram que queriam passear outra vez xiii outra vez não!!! só uma voltinha pequena pela cidade e depois fomos jantar bem diga se de passagem que andar a pé faz bem ,eles que já comem bem fartaram se de comer. Depois fomos para casa por volta das21h onde eu achei que queriam dormir logo (erro meu) eles queriam brincar mais e mais saltar pular chatear só dormiram já era dez e meia e foi porque ralhei com eles, senão ficavam a brincar mas foi um dia muito bem passado. Passeamos, rimos, corremos, sujamos a roupa e vimos animas de quinta que foi uma delícia para eles porque nunca os viram antes. Já há muito tempo que não me distraía assim... foi um bom domingo.

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Abril 2008






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