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It was 1980 and i am new in town, the strange thing about this town is that I feel as if I am at home. The people here are very friendly but I am sure that there is a dark side to all this and so I started to investigate this town. There are few bars and a lot of people, here the men are over whelming and the girls are very sexy. The one story I am going to tell you about is a true story that a girl called Rubi told me. At one of these bars she sat and spoke with a wondering expression she was 20 years old and had just left here boyfriend all because of this one winter night that touched her soul. she started her story as she walked home from a party near by her home, she described her dress it was a long black satin dress that sat on her body like a glove, it  was smooth and marked all the curves of her body, she could not wear any underwear for it was visible, she also had her black satin high heels and a long coat .She was walking to her house which was near the big and dark forest that was said to be haunted with ghosts and it was on the outskirts of this small town .As she walked a black car driven by a man drove past and stopped shortly after. It stopped and reversed the man inside was mysterious and asked if she would like a lift and she said sure why not ...so she climbed into the car and found that this man was a new man in town she had never seen him. He was overwhelmingly good looking and had the most amazing eyes that she had ever seen in her whole life. Well to her amazement he seemed just as interested in her as she did in him. They drove for a while till he asked her in a deep rough voice if she had ever been in the forest at night and she said no!! That it was haunted to her amazement he laughed and said I am not scared of ghosts are you? Let’s go there and walk around and see if there are really ghosts! Rubi agreed for ghosts don’t exist…they got out the car and slowly walked into the forest. As they walked the man place his hand on her black satin dress and gave her a shivering feeling that went down her spine. then he stopped her and slowly kissed her already moist lips, slid his hands down to her waist and pulled her closer he gently started to feel her breasts and kissing her neck then he turned her around and slowly pulled of her dress. once more he turned her around and examined her body in the moonlight her nipples where hard from the cold her skin white like snow and smooth like a feather by this time ruby started to feel that her body was going to explode if this stranger did not do anything with her, she has never wanted to have someone this much in her whole life. then as if the stranger was reading her mind he pulled her to the ground, which was covered with leaves and pines from the surrounding pine and oak trees, he slipped his hands between her legs feeling the humidity coming from there, then he opened her legs and with a leaf that lay on the humid forest floor he gently started to caress her he moved  the leaf up and down twirled it till she could not handle the pressure of this over whelming excitement, she grabbed the dirt on the ground as her body moved uncontrollably to the sensation of the leaf , then like a nuclear bomb she exploded she screamed of pleasure, moves to the leaf  and then she started to undo his pants. She could feel the excitement in him the hardness of his penis. The wild beast she had aroused in him, she placed her self on her knees and started to suck on the fruit of Adam simultaneously she caressed the fruit of Adam to make it grow stronger, more powerful he grabbed her hair and made her stay there until she managed to make him go to heaven and back, like a thunderstorm he came in her mouth and she was unable to stop this man for he made her go crazy like no other. Savagely he pulled her of and turned her around and then like a savage beast he was he climbed on her and dominated her. he grabbed her breasts as if handles to control her and forcefully pushed deeper and deeper, back and forward roughly to make sure she could feel him and know she could not escape him. He enters and leaves her powerfully and every time she could feel him take her, dominate her well enough to make her involuntarily sway with his body like the savage animals in the wild. She moaned and gowned like a beast being taken by force like a lion possessing his mate. Then once more e grabbed her and lay her on her back and with immense power thrust his penis in her she screamed and mooned in pleasure her air was faint as she screaming every time for more more!! harder harder!! and like an animal he did as she ordered, he pushed all he could, placed his rough fingers between her legs and caressed her even more than she ever thought he would be able to, she screamed and moaned in pure lustful pleasure till her voice faded away in the mist of the dark humid and haunted forest, slowly they calmed down after four hours and it was almost dawn. He stopped caressing her he stood up and slowly walked away naked like a wild animal that had just fed. As he walked she watched him, she was so tired she could hardly move and then suddenly like fog he vanished into thin air like a ghost from the past with no trace…


Months later she found a old news paper in the library with a title “missing in haunted forest” dated 1969 they put a small picture and she knew him… for this reason Rubi wonders the forest at nigh looking for the man that drove her crazy for one night .


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