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Bem pessoal digam o que pensam se faz favor para saber se ta bom ou mau se gostam ou não.

okay people please tell me what you think if you like the stories or not .

okay pessoal esta historia é um pouco longa portanto dividi em partes e vou por por partes ate acabar.

okay this is a long story so i broke it up and will place a bit every day till it is finished.

Our father who is in heaven……I was in church again and the priest had told me to pray ten our fathers and five hail Mary’s well I was to pray for redemption I was having a hard time in concentrating on the prayers, after all what I had done was not that serious and even the priest said so. Well my name is Zelia and I am stuck in a convent a nun’s one, as you can imagine this place sucks more than a vacuum cleaner. I was sent hear for the correction of public miss conduct so they call it, I just call it a naked swim in the main square fountain. Well I am stuck here and there is nothing fun to do ever!

Today is another day and well guess what? I have to go to confession AGAIN what do they expect a lot of girls in one house who cant even fart with out being caught have to confess...well beats the shit out of me, I am actually quite curious to go today because I heard that there was a new priest and that he had a really nice “voice” well hopefully that is not the only thing hat he has nice. I am going earlier to try to get a glimpse of him before he goes into the little box ,I can look but I can’t touch “yet”, I will one day still fuck one of these virgin men “how can they live without sex? They must be mad!”

I was late for breakfast so I decided to go straight to church and pretend that I was not late for breakfast, but intentionally missed the meal to pray. What a load of shit but I hope that I would be able to trick them into believing it. As I walked into the chapel I intended to sit down and relax a bit before all that praying that I would have to do, I heard a voice that was like the angels singing a sweet tune to my ears “A mans voice” a new mans voice!! The blood ran through my veins and I started to feel a hot feeling come down from under my school clothes, a man I am free!! Then like a flash I realized it was the new pries and he said “Haa!! So you are the black sheep hear, the one that does not get ready in time and comes to the church to pretend that she missed breakfast on purpose.” “Well good luck, I don’t think the nuns will believe that story!”

I started to scan the room to know where the voice came from, and then I saw on top of the stage where the choir girls sing, him the man, that we all had heard about. the new priest, as I looked at him I said” yeah, that is me always trying to fool the nuns!! what else is there to do hear?!” he was a tall and elegant man, even though I would rather prefer to see him without the stupid white cloth that covers all the curves of his muscular body and that hides all the assets that I so much liked to have in me!!! He said once again “well come on up, lets talk a bit nothing to melodramatic, I can just barely handle all toughs confessions.”

Well as I walked to the choir stage I started to think that not only did he have a really sexy voice but also he actually seemed like a nice guy!

Well as I reached him he looked at me and said “yep! You really are the black sheep hear.” I laughed and said “I am here against my will” and he said “yes!! I can see that, you do know that if you behave then they will let you our faster.” Well I sat there and talked to him for a while, his name was Father Dave he was a really nice person and as he spoke I listened, it was nice to have someone to talk to and also know that he would never tell anyone .The bell went off again and he looked at me and said,” well hear come the nuns! again.” I started to walk of the stage, when suddenly in front of me was that huge bitch, mother Louise she was like a wart on your ass, that always annoys you when you move and then she started to go of on how I was irresponsible, selfish girl and that she would punish me and all that shit she always said when I did something wrong. Then to my amazement father Dave looked at her and said that I was helping him, in the church. That he had seen me walking outside towards the eating hall and that he had called out for me therefore I had missed my meal because I was helping him!! Not because I was late. Well that definitely shut her up she did not sound one more word on the subject. We did all the usual things singing praying and then confession; I knew that today’s confession would defiantly be different and actually fun.  

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