Abr 08

As I walked into the confession room I decided to thank him for saving my hide earlier on. I walked in and said the normal thing we all say when we walk in, then I heard his sweet voice which said “yes, yes, your forgiven just tell me what are your sins?”, well at that point I decided to joke a bit with him so I said father I have done a great sin I made a priest lie to cover up for me and I would like to thank him! I was late for a meal and decided to come and relax here in church. When I finished my “confession” he said “okay you forgiven and it was a pleasure and you must say 5 of each prayer.” as I was about to leave I heard a voice again and this time he said “By the way what is your name?” I said “my name is Zelia.” I left the confession room and went to pray I was the last one so shortly after I left he came out and walked to the back room “where I think they sit and talk?!”

That evening when we where having dinner the mother superior or like I say mother bitch asked to see me after dinner. When I finished my meal I went of to see her I was thinking that I was in shit again but honestly this time I could not imagine what it could be. Well I knocked on the door and when I walked in what a shock I got the priest was there also I looked at him and thought that the asshole had turned me in, well that should teach me not to trust these people, the mother superior said “well Zelia looks like father Dave needs a new assistant and asked if you would like the job? “well in my amazement I was shocked with the question and looked at him and said well it depends on what the job implies he looked at me and said with that sexy voice of hi “well you will have to try it to see if you like it first” I said “okay I will take it !!” the mother told me to leave and go to the study hall to finish my studies I left but I did not go straight to the study hall I waited at the door to listen to there conversation I managed to hear he tell him that she would not recommend me because I was a hard case and did not listen to anyone and he answered well I liked her and I think that she will like to work in the church with me. Well then the mother said that if I did anything wrong that she would not hold herself responsible and that it would be his entire fault!! They stopped talking and I heard some steps towards the door and started to walk away when I walked round the corner I started to run quietly so that they would not hear me and went to the study hall.

The next day with the sun shining bright and warm, early in the morning, well that day I was going to start my new job at the church with father Dave for the first time. I was early to my own amazement or he was late. Well I stood at the door of the church waiting patiently for him and started to mumble a tune then I saw him approaching I was shocked to see that he did not leave his priest outfit on that they wore like the skin on there bones but instead he had a tight black shirt that showed his muscular body parts and as he approached I pretended not to stare at his body by looking at my hands as if I was looking at something on my nails.

I looked up and said “hello father how are you today?” well he looked at me with a big smile and said “hello! I am fine thanks and how are you today?” I said the usual that everyone says fine thanks .as he directed himself to the church door to unlock it I stood still and watched him I had never seen a priest that was so good looking in all my dull life, I let him walk in front as I waited for him to be four or five feet away from me and then I started to walk in to “ this was the strategy that I used to look at men’s ass and I could not believe that I was doing this , as he walked past I also got a wiff of his aftershave and I could feel a tingling feeling inside of me like a bottle of fizz that had been shaken and that was ready to blow. I had never seen a priest that looked this good he walked down the corridor between the chairs and as I walked I stared at his ass, which was tight and in place like a statue of Michael Angelo the one of David. Well he turned around and looked at me and said “I am going to change clothes,” oohhh I thought can I help!! Then he said “so that you can stop staring at me.”


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