Mai 08

Fuck I had just been caught out man, what does he have eyes behind his head or maybe he can read my mind!!! I laughed and said, “yes I think that would be wise.” well we did the prep for church and sat down on the chairs and waited for “the nuns” like he put it. He looked at me and asked what was the matter?, well I was honest and said “well I am a bit shocked I have never seen a priest with jeans and t-shirt. I actually wanted to tell him it was cause he was drop dead sexy and that I wanted to jump on him and ravish all of him, well that would be wrong and to top it of we where in a church and I don’t think that it would be a good thing to do or say to a priest, I might land up I hell for it!! Well he looked at me and smiled with the sweetest smile that I had ever seen and like as if he knew what I meant with that line. He just said I believe you!


Well the bell rang again and the nuns swarmed the place like bees to a flower with the other girls “who were so dull that if the sun shined on them you could lose them in the contrast of the reflection. well like everyday we had that confession thing and when it came my turn I was wondering if I should confess all my thoughts or if I should be dull like the others and say something like, I forgot to pray before I went to bed yesterday or I had a bad thought of a girl etc. same mambo jumbo that we said everyday! I was definitely not going to say that I wanted to shag the priest. This is, if I knew that it was some other priest in the box and not him I would, but it was him that I wanted and that could give him a heart attack and well I did not want that.

Well like usual we did our  hail Mary’s and Fathers and then the nuns started to leave till there was know one in the church, besides me and him again. I did not mind that I would rather be alone with him in here than with all those females, which bore the shit out of me. Well I started to clean the church floor again and then the alter and I wanted to ask him something when I noticed that he was gone!! so I decided to look for him I walked across the alter to the little room at the end of the church where he kept the holy wine the bibles etc. I walked slowly and on my tip toes basically so that he would not hear me. when I reached the door I was not quite sure that it was locked or open so I decided to bend over (which was something that I never did because my uniform was so small that you could see my fruit of passion out in the open ready to be attacked by a large swollen and throbbing penis) well like I was saying I bent over and peeked through the key hole, something that I did not do since I was a kid. When I watched my brother shagging some bimbo that he brought home with him, boy where toughs good times! Well I presume that now you should be thinking my god what a sick girl or what can she see through the key hole!! well calm down I will tell you all in it good time, so I saw father Dave sitting in his chair (I believe the mother superiors one actually) so I stated to look closer rather yet focus more, to see and I saw him with his penis in his hand and he was moving it back and forth with strength as he did this he reached his climax and swung his head back and released his liquids of sin all over himself. I stared hard to make sure that I did not miss anything and that I had just seen this I could hardly believe my eyes. Then suddenly he looked at the door and I was sure that he knew I was there he stood up and started to clean himself up with some tissues that lay on the table for the crying students then he dropped his “dress” and threw the paper in the bin. so I thought it is time for me to move from here.. so I started to tip toe back to the alter were I had left my shoes previously, I put my shoes on quickly still in disbelief  and just sat on the floor and pretended that I was waiting for him and that I had not just seen him masturbate. Well like I thought a few seconds later he came out a bit flashed “I wonder why?!”  I could feel the steam brewing in me and I tried to control myself not to jump on him and rip all toughs cloths of and just do him like I have never done anyone before….to be continued

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